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“As a Mexican American children’s book author, I turn my adventures into empowering stories for kids.” —Alicia Salazar

Alicia Salazar is a former elementary school teacher. She taught 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade for 12 years. She has also been a marine biologist. Currently, she is a freelancer who has written for magazines and blogs and educational publishers. The daughter of Mexican immigrants, she was raised in Houston, TX and is currently living just north of Houston in the Woodlands, TX. She is the author of the Camila the Star series (Capstone 2021 & 2022) of early chapter books as well as Loch Ness Monster, Trolls, and Día de los Muertos (Capstone 2021). Many of the stories she writes have roots in her experiences growing up Mexican American.  Many are about the universal experiences of love, quiet, friendship, and hope.

Camila the Baking Star

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Camila and her papa enter a baking competition on TV. As they start their challenge, Camila is determined to take complete control of their challenge, strawberry-iced cake pops. But without teamwork, their dessert is a mess Is it too late to become baking stars?

Camila the Gaming Star

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Camila the Dancing Star

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Camila the Talent Show Star

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Camila the Singing Star

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Loch Ness Monster (Mythical Creatures)

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Look carefully A dark shadow moves through the lapping lake water. It’s the Loch Ness Monster This shy serpent hides away from humans and treats lake dwellers with kindness. Ever wondered about Nessie’s diet and other habits? Does the lake monster have companions? Wonder no more Striking illustrations and matter-of-fact text take you on an underwater journey to learn all about the Loch Ness Monster.

Trolls (Mythical Creatures)

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What’s that steady booming echoing through the mountains? It’s the heavy footsteps of a troll. Humans should beware of these creatures’ terrible, destructive powers. Have you ever wondered how trolls are born and grow up? What foods they prefer to feast on? What mischief fills their time? Wonder no more Striking illustrations and matter-of-fact text take you on daring journey to learn all about trolls.

Camila the Video Star

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A video contest is the perfect way for Camila to become a star. To enter, she must make a video that explains what her city, Los Angeles, means to her. But Los Angeles is so big–how will she decide what to talk about? As Camila works on her video, she realizes that there’s one special thing that makes her city feel like home.

Camila the Stage Star

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When Camila tries out for a play, she practices hard to get ready for auditions. So she’s extra disappointed when she doesn’t get the starring role. But as she learns her part and works with the rest of the cast, Camila discovers there is more than one way to be a star.

Camila the Record-Breaking Star

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After reading about kid record-breakers, Camila dreams of breaking a record of her own. But which world record should she tackle? No matter what she tries, Camila finds that breaking records is hard. Will she ever become a record-breaking star?

Author Visits

Virtually and in person, Alicia is available for 25 minute Q & A sessions, 45 minute virtual classroom visits, and full day multi-classroom author visits.

Virtual Creative Writing Workshops, Grades K-2 & 3-6

A writer since the age of 10, Alicia inspires kids to write in this one hour creative writing workshop. Kids can learn about other writers and how they practice their craft as well as learn tricks of the trade.

Integrity & Character

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Following Your Dreams

Author Alicia Salazar Discusses 4 Book Chapter Series “Camila the Star”

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Honors, Awards & Recognition

Winner of the Cynthia Leitich Smith Writing Mentor Award
Winner of the Amplifying Unsung Voices Award
Winner of an honorable mention in the Kate Dopirack Craft and Community Award

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