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Bestselling Picture Book Author
#1 NYT Bestseller
Travels from: Chicago, IL

“Sherri was such a wonder yesterday—her presentations to the community were delightful!” — Omaha Family Literacy Partnership, University of Nebraska at Omaha

Sherri Duskey Rinker is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Steam Train, Dream Train and the Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site series (eight picture books and counting!). She is also the author of young middle novel Revver the Speedway Squirrel and its sequel, a brand new picture book series that kicks off with Roto and Roy: Helicopter Heroes, and nonfiction picture book biography Big Machines: The Story of Virginia Lee Burton, which received starred reviews from Kirkus and Booklist. Burton and her work directly influenced Sherri’s foray into the world of children’s literature.

Sherri lives in the Midwest with her husband, two sons, and one fluffy dog. She loves to read, collect antique oil paintings, cook, garden, and travel. Inspired by her sons, her 25-year career as a graphic designer, and her own childhood memories, Sherri writes from a place of love. She hopes to encourage young readers and make the world a happier place, one book at a time.

Roto and Roy: To the Rescue!

Little, Brown Books for Young Readers |

This rip-roaring rescue adventure series by bestselling author Sherri Duskey Rinker and award-winning artist Don Tate celebrates the teamwork of man and machine!

When a flash flood threatens a nearby town, helicopter Roto and pilot Roy soar to the rescue! Quick—a truck needs to be hoisted to safety! Hurry—that family’s car is being swept away! Now grab as many sandbags and supplies as you can carry! This mission’s going to be rough, but Roy and Roto are tougher than tough.

From Sherri Duskey Rinker, bestselling author of the Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site series, and acclaimed illustrator Don Tate, this action-packed story showcases two awesome heroes and the power of teamwork.

Farming Strong, All Year Long

Chronicle Books |
Picture Book

The construction crew is back and ready to help out on the farm! Working together with new friends, they’ll get the job done all year long.

There’s work to do! No time to waste! All year the farm’s a busy place!
Six hardworking trucks—with help from brand-new farm vehicles—have work to do in each of the seasons: planting in spring, building a barn in the summer, harvesting in fall, and finally tucking the animals in for a cozy winter. Construction enthusiasts will love this look at a farm through the year, and all the rough, tough work there is to do!
Sherri Duskey Rinker and AG Ford, the author-illustrator team behind the many bestselling Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site books, bring their playful rhyming text and vibrant illustrations to another exciting tale of teamwork, sure to delight little construction fans everywhere.

THE CREW VISITS THE FARM: This new addition to the bestselling Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site series features the same beloved trucks in an exciting new setting: a busy farm! They’ll help build a barn, repair a road, and bring in crops, while the farm vehicles till, water, and harvest.

EXPLORE EVERY SEASON ON THE FARM: Just right for teaching early concepts such as weather or seasons, this picture book invites little readers to experience adventure on the farm every day of the year! From learning about nature and growing food to watching the construction crew tuck the animals into their new barn, there’s so much to see and do on the farm! At last everyone is tucked in tight for winter—and a sweet goodnight!

ROLLICKING READ ALOUD: Sherri Duskey Rinker’s bouncing, energetic rhymes make for a tremendously satisfying read-aloud experience, perfect for energetic kids who love construction.

TEACHES TEAMWORK: Just like all the stories in the Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site series, this book emphasizes teamwork, collaboration, and working together—real-world skills presented to young readers in a fun, accessible setting!

Perfect for:
Fans of the Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site series
Truck and construction vehicle enthusiasts
Teachers and librarians

Joy Ride

Candlewick |
Picture Book

When a girl and her grandfather put their hearts into sprucing up an old bike by hand, neighborhood kids are less than kind in this tender story about bullying, peer pressure, and feeling the freedom to express yourself.

Needing something to fill up her summer days, Joy seeks out her granddad, who also likes to tinker, for something to do. Together they find the perfect project: sprucing up an old bike for Joy. From hardware stores to garage sales, the two find everything they need to transform this bike, little by little, into something that’s truly one of a kind. Ornamented with sparkles, a basket, and a brand-new bell, the bike is finally ready for Joy to ride it all over the neighborhood, filling the air with her own kind of music that exudes JOY.

But when a few kids take notice of Joy’s bike, and not in a good way, Joy makes an impulsive decision that ruins the dazzling bike she and Granddad worked so hard on. Joy realizes quickly, however, that trying to fit in can be boring, and it doesn’t make her feel JOY. Just maybe, with a heartfelt apology and Granddad’s help, she can get back on track to being true to herself. This touching story, told by Sherri Duskey Rinker and Ana Ramírez González, addresses the moments of uncertainty when trying to fit in with the crowd, and exclaims the joyful exuberance of self-expression.

Roto and Roy: Helecopter Heroes

Littl Brown Books for Young Readers |
Picture Book

Meet Roto and Roy, helicopter heroes!

When a dangerous forest fire burns out of control, helicopter Roto and pilot Roy are ready to fly to the rescue! They’re braver than brave, tougher than tough, and nothing will stop this firefighting crew from completing their mission.

From Sherri Duskey Rinker, bestselling author of the Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site series, and award-winning illustrator Don Tate, this action-packed series starter will have kids cheering for two awesome new heroes—and imagining how they might save the day themselves!

Revver The Speedway Squirrel

Bloomsbury Children’s Books |
Middle Grade Novel

“I love this little squirrel!” – Katherine Applegate, Newbery Award winning author of THE ONE AND ONLY IVAN on REVVER THE SPEEDWAY SQUIRREL

The author of the bestselling Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site picture books continues her fun, illustrated middle grade series that’s perfect for fans of Beverly Cleary’s The Mouse and the Motorcycle.

Revver is a little squirrel with big plans . . . to drive a race car! Now that he has secured his place on the race squad, there are so many new things to see and explore–and so many lessons to learn.

Tire-changer Bill and his team have grown very fond of Revver, despite his accidental troublemaking. But when the team travels to the airport for a faraway race, Revver’s intense curiosity gets himself lost in the terminal, and the plane takes off without him! Will Revver find his way back to the team in time? And if he does, will they still accept him, or has he worn out his welcome as the very first speedway squirrel?

Sherri Duskey Rinker offers another hilarious and heartwarming story about this memorable character, perfect for fans of Ralph S. Mouse.

It’s So Quiet

Chronicle Books |
Picture Book

A silly, noisy bedtime book that will have readers squealing, croaking, and laughing along before settling down for a quiet night’s sleep!

It’s time for bed, but one little mouse just can’t get to sleep—it’s TOO QUIET! However, the night is actually full of sounds, from the croak of the bullfrog to the howl of a coyote on a distant hill. As the rhythmic symphony of nighttime noises build in this rollicking read-aloud, the mouse starts to wonder whether he wouldn’t like a little MORE quiet.

• From the bestselling author of the Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site series
• Sweet illustrations by renowned artist Tony Fucile
• A hilarious read-aloud perfect for bedtime or story time

Little readers will delight in the humor and interactivity of It’s So Quiet—which concludes by encouraging an appreciation of nighttime’s soothing quiet.

• Children’s books for kids ages 3–5
• Funny, rhyming picture book
• Perfect for kids who love animals and animal noises

How to Put an Octopus to Bed

Chronicle Books |
Picture Book

A new instant bedtime classic from the author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site!

It’s time for bed and this little octopus is more than happy to volunteer! He’s all ready to put his parents to bed! Bath time, putting on pajamas, brushing teeth, and tucking everyone in is a whole new challenge when the kid is in charge (and especially when everyone has eight arms!). From bestselling author Sherri Duskey Rinker and award-winning illustrator Viviane Schwarz comes a romping, rhyming, hilarious tale sure to entertain wiggly bedtime readers everywhere.

• Perfect for children who are learning good bedtime, bath time, and toothbrushing habits
• Silly and clever rhymes make this a perfect read-aloud book for parents and children.
• From the bestselling author of Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site and Steam Train, Dream Train

Any child who loves Dinosaur vs Bedtime, I Am Not Sleepy and Will Not Go to Bed, and Llama, Llama, Red Pajama will love How to Put an Octopus to Bed!

Read-aloud book for kids ages 3–5
Toddler book about brushing teeth
Goodnight books for toddlers

Celebrate You

Balzer + Bray |
Picture Book

From Sherri Duskey Rinker, the blockbuster New York Times bestselling author of Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site, and A. N. Kang, the acclaimed illustrator of Papillon: The Very Fluffy Kitty, comes the perfect graduation book for fans of The Wonderful Things You Will Be.

Loudly and proudly, let’s celebrate YOU!

This charming new picture book celebrates all the small but important milestones on the way to growing up, from the first wobbly baby steps to the time when they’re ready to leave the nest.

With irresistible illustrations and an inspiring message, Celebrate You! will cheer and encourage readers of any age.

Silly Wonderful You

Balzer + Bray |
Picture Book

From the bestselling author of Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site, Sherri Duskey Rinker, and the award-winning creator of Me . . . Jane and The Skunk, Patrick McDonnell, comes this funny and tender love letter from a parent to her child.

Before YOU came along, so many things were different! But now there’s a giggly baby, a house full of adventures and toys, a million little surprises. . . . And so much love.

Steam Train, Dream Train

Chronicle Books |
Picture Book
From the team behind the #1 New York Times Bestseller Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site

The dream train pulls into the station, and one by one the train cars are loaded: polar bears pack the reefer car with ice cream, elephants fill the tanker cars with paints, tortoises stock the auto rack with race cars, bouncy kangaroos stuff the hopper car with balls. Sweet and silly dreams are guaranteed for any budding train enthusiasts!

  • Introduce your child to new animals and experiences with this ideal children’s bedtime book
  • A great read aloud book for kids or early reader book for kids beginning to read on their own
  • Features beautiful art from an award-winning team of writers and illustrators

If you loved Mighty, Mighty Construction Site and Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site, this book will be the ideal addition to your children’s book set and is perfect for readers of these categories:

  • First Story Books
  • Bedtime Story Books
  • First Book for Toddlers
  • Read Along Books for Kids

Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site

Chronicle Books |
Picture Book

The #1 New York Times bestselling children’s book

“A standout picture book, especially for those who like wheels with their dreams.” —Booklist, starred review

As the sun sets behind the big construction site, all the hardworking trucks get ready to say goodnight. One by one, Crane Truck, Cement Mixer, Dump Truck, Bulldozer, and Excavator finish their work and lie down to rest—so they’ll be ready for another day of rough and tough construction play!

• Author Sherri Duskey Rinker’s sweet rhyming text soothes little ones into a peaceful rest
• Full of irresistible artwork by illustrator Tom Lichtenheld
Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site is the perfect read-aloud

This popular, timeless nighttime story continues to delight families everywhere!

• Ideal for children ages 3 to 5 years old
• Great for young construction fans
• This adorable hardcover bedtime book is a go-to gift for any occasion


Presentations for preschools are modified, and typically don’t utilize A/V. Short introduction, how Sherri became an author, a reading with a little help from the audience and perhpas a little Q&A. These are short, lively presentations, allowing for unpredictable questions and comments and the occasional need to work out the wiggles!

Grades K-4

Presentation length varies from 45 minutes to an hour, depending on your schedule needs, the time allotted for interaction and Q&A, and on the attention span (i.e. age) and size of the group.

Grades 5-8

Sherri has a specific a/v presentation geared to this audience.

Adult Audiences

Sherri often presents to groups of teachers, librarians and literary enthusiasts.

Writing Workshops

Sherri loves working with teachers and LRC directors to customize writing workshops to particular themes or strategies, in keeping with the students’ current curriculum. She’s also happy to lead the way! Some of her workshop topics have included:
• When you’re blocked for an idea: Character, Setting, Plot — a fun game to mix it up!
• Grades 5 and up: Rhyming workshops: Breaking down rhyme into simple syllable patterns.
• Grades 6 and up: Creative writing SENSE-ability. We start with VISUAL by employing color imagery to help us approach writing from different perspectives — and then touch on how we can employ the other senses to make writing more interesting.

Finding an idea

I walk through the genesis of my first book, Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site, and talk about how the concept was inspired by my tireless (literally!) truck loving son, and how some of my other book concepts evolved. Then let’s brainstorm all of the places where new ideas might be found!

Practice Makes Perfect (revising!)

It’s often easy for students to understand the importance of practice in their sport, dance. foreign language and music instruction, but they don’t often make the connection between the need for practice in those activities and the need for that kind of work in WRITING. I aim to solidify that connection by sharing my own experience with revising (aka: PRACTICE!) and giving examples of how “practice makes BETTER” in every skill.

It's OK to be weird! (from a mouse that can't sleep to a squirrel that drives)

A design professor once told me, “if you’re not a little bit afraid of the idea, it’s too safe. It’s been done before.” Pushing the creative envelope can be, well, scary. SO, let’s talk about all of the “weird ideas” that have become beloved books — and let’s brainstorm some out-of-the-ordinary ideas of our own!

The Worst That Can Happen... Is Nothing. (conquering your fear of being creative)

For adolescent and adult audiences
If I had a dime for every person that walked up to me after I spoke at a conference and said, “So, I’ve had this idea for several years…” — well, I’d have a LOT of dimes! If you took a courageous leap, if you put your idea out into the world, the worst that could happen is… nothing! (Which is exactly what will happen if your idea stays in that drawer!)

What I Wish I Knew For adults/perspective authors

My first two books were #1 bestsellers. So, I was on easy-street, right? Wrong. The problem with being instantly thrown into an industry about which I knew nothing was: I knew nothing! I made a dozen mistakes for every one smart decision. I’d love to keep you from making the same mistakes, and offer some words of wisdom and encouragement for your publication journey.

Get signed copies of Sherri’s Books!

Sherri’s Prep Sheet for School Visits

Sherri’s Blog

Honors, Awards & Recognition

Sherri Duskey Rinker has received a variety of accolades for her 30+ books for children. Multiple titles have been #1 NYT and IndieBound bestsellers. School Library Journal, Booklist, Publishers Weekly, and Kirkus have graciously bestowed starred reviews. She’s been honored with a ‘NYT Notable Children’s Book’ designation, CCBC and Texas Library Association Selections, and ALA Notable and E.B. White Read-Aloud nominations. She has an American Farm Bureau recommended title, a PAL Award, and the New York Times, Amazon, and the San Francisco Chronicle have recognized her titles in their annual “Best Books” lists.

#1 NYT Bestseller
IndieBound Bestseller
Publishers Weekly Bestseller
ALA Notable Children’s Book Nominee
School Library Journal Starred Review
Booklist Starred Review
Kirkus Starred Review
New York Times Notable Children’s Book
Top 10 Best Picture Books of 2011: New York Times, Amazon, San Francisco Chronicle
Editor’s Choice Award
Texas Library Association 2×2 Reading List
E.B. White Read-Aloud Award Nominee
PAL Award

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