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Children’s Author & Illustrator
Graphic Novelist
Travels from: Boston, MA

“At the end of the day, I took your sketch, had it framed at Michaels and presented it to the principal.” — Erika Makesyn, Authorfest Enrichment Coordinator

Scott Magoon is a native New Englandah who’s been designing, writing and illustrating books for young readers since 2003. He loves putting words and pictures together for kids. Scott is a member of The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI). He has published children’s books, including Linus the Little Yellow Pencil, and has recently published a graphic novel, The Extincts.

Scott has two teenaged sons, and his wife is a school librarian. In his spare time, Scott likes running, skiing, tennis and snorkeling. He loves music. He sings, and plays flute and harmonica. Scott is a proud Northeastern University alumnus where he received a Bachelor’s degree in English literature—and his first paying drawing gig. The Northeastern News published Duct Tape Man, his weekly comic strip! He studied drawing at NU and Mass Art but for the most part is self-taught.

Rocket Ship, Solo Trip

Viking Books for Young Readers |

A delightful, rhyming picture book that is perfect for fans of Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site and captures all the excitement and nervousness of life’s big firsts; art by New York Times bestselling illustrator, Scott Magoon!

“First time jitters? That’s okay.
Find one small step to lead the way.”

Rocket is embarking on her first solo mission. Her goal? Place a satellite into orbit to take pictures of the beautiful unknown. With a few words of encouragement from Ground Control, Rocket sparks ignition and blasts off to discover all the beauty of outer space. But when it’s time for reentry, she wonders if she can do it alone. With Ground Control’s parting words in mind, Rocket trusts that she knows exactly what to do. She returns home at hypersonic speed and excited for her future expeditions…maybe next time, to the moon.

With delightful rhyming stanzas, and pictures by New York Times bestselling illustrator Scott Magoon, Rocket Ship, Solo Trip explores all the complicated emotions of big firsts and reminds readers that no matter how far they go, the ones they love are always close by.


Clarion Books |

A witty and uplifting story about perseverance and hope, perfect for fans of The Magical Yet, starring three endearing flightless birds determined to get aloft. 

Three flightless friends long to feel the wind beneath their wings. So, they try, and try, and try to fly. But all they do is fall, fall, fall. Flying, it turns out, is hard.

Will they give up—or get up? Celebrating resiliency, persistence, and the power of “yet,” easy-to-read text and distinctive artwork by award-winning and bestselling illustrator Scott Magoon encourage and inspire readers young and old who aspire to learn a new skill or to make a dream come true.

The Extincts: Flight of the Mammoth (The Extincts #2)

Harry N. Abrams |
Children’s Graphic Novel

A team of genetically enhanced extinct animals embark on top-secret missions around the world in the second entry in this action-packed graphic novel series—now in paperback!

After stopping Dr. Z’s nefarious plan and rescuing the unicorn horn, things haven’t quite been the same for the Extincts. In order to pay the bills and support themselves, they open a zoo and gift shop. Scratch, Martie, Quito, and Ursa think it’s a great chance to educate the public and teach people to be better to the environment. But Lug isn’t so sure that this is the best use of their time and energy. After a fiery and near-tragic incident, Lug decides to leave the team and goes to do work that he thinks will actually make a difference: helping a group of smoke jumpers stop the wildfires in California. But it seems like the fires they’re stopping may not be so natural—someone seems to be causing them to try to lure Lug to follow . . . It’s going to take the help of all the Extincts to get to the bottom of it and save the day!

With heart-racing action scenes, loads of humor, and an environmental message, this new book from New York Times bestselling author Scott Magoon is an exciting adventure from start to finish. The book will also include nonfiction back matter about wildfire safety tips, smokejumpers, how to make your own telescope, and more!

The Extincts: Quest for the Unicorn Horn (The Extincts #1)

Amulet Books |
Graphic Novel
A team of genetically enhanced extinct animals embark on top-secret missions around the world in this new graphic novel seriesMeet Scratch, Martie, Lug, and Quito, members of a secret organization called R.O.A.R., or the Rescue Ops Acquisition Rangers. When their boss, Dr. Z, finally calls on them for their first big mission, the team heads to Siberia to retrieve an ancient unicorn horn from the thawing permafrost. Scratch is thrilled at the chance to prove his worth to Dr. Z—but as soon as they land, the team runs into a mysterious enemy determined to take them down.

With exciting missions, plenty of humor, and an environmental angle, this series starter from New York Times bestselling illustrator Scott Magoon is an action-packed adventure from start to finish. The book will also include nonfiction back matter about extinct animals, climate change, and what kids can do to help!

Chirp! Chipmunk Sings for a Friend

Simon & Schuster/Paula Wiseman Books |

“This gentle, simply told story addresses the importance and enjoyment of friendship and collaboration.” —Kirkus Reviews

A chipmunk searches for someone to sing along with her in this sweet and funny celebration of true friendship, featuring art by New York Times bestselling illustrator Scott Magoon.

Chipmunk spends her days sitting on her rock and chirping her song—sometimes it’s happy, sometimes it’s bittersweet, and sometimes it’s very sad indeed. When Chipmunk goes off to find a companion that will sing along with her, she encounters some bumps (and pine cones) along the way, and finds friends (and harmonies) in unexpected places.

Rover Throws a Party: Inspired by NASA’s Curiosity on Mars

Knopf Books for Young Readers |

Inspired by NASA’s Curiosity rover, this is the story of a lonely Mars rover who plans the best birthday party in the solar system.

It’s Rover’s anniversary on Mars! Time to celebrate by throwing the best party this planet has ever seen. Rover hands out invitations all over town, but it seems like he’s the only one around. Will anyone come to the party, or will Rover be all alone on his big day?

In 2013, NASA programmed their Curiosity rover to hum “Happy Birthday to You” in honor of its first year on Mars. Inspired by this anecdote, this is the tale of a lonely rover and his party, accompanied by fascinating Mars rover facts that help explain the real science behind the story. This fun birthday tale provides an accessible, kid-friendly look at one of NASA’s coolest programs.

Straw (The Spoon Series #3)

Little, Brown Books for Young Readers |

First there was Spoon. Then came Chopsticks. Now the last… Straw! The final entry in a trio of favorite “punny” tales reminds readers to savor life’s little pleasures, from beloved bestselling and award-winning author Amy Krouse Rosenthal. Straw has always had a great thirst for being first, slurping up anything in sight and rushing straight to the finish in every situation. But when his speedy streak gets the best of him, it takes a friend to show Straw how to take his time and drink in the amazing world around him.

A companion to Spoon and Chopsticks, this warm and wise story–packed with the clever puns synonymous with this popular series–celebrates the joys of slowing down. Don’t miss these other titles in the Spoon series: Spoon and Chopsticks

Linus The Little Yellow Pencil

Little, Brown Books for Young Readers |

A kid-friendly tale of two ends of the same pencil learning to get along!

Linus and his eraser, Ernie, don’t always see eye to eye. But with the family art show drawing near, these two will have to sharpen their collaboration to make something neither one could do on their own!

This cheerful ode to art points out the power of sharing the creative process and sticking with it.

Misunderstood Shark: Friends Don’t Eat Friends

Orchard Books |

In this new Misunderstood Shark story from New York Times bestselling duo Ame Dyckman and Scott Magoon, Shark dares to ask the question: Can friends eat friends (and get away with it)?


Last time on Underwater World with Bob Jellyfish…”SHARK ATE ME! Now get me OUT, Shark!””That’s strange! I can hear Bob, but I can’t see Bob!”This hilarious follow-up to Misunderstood Shark by New York Times bestselling duo Ame Dyckman and Scott Magoon tackles what it really means to be a good friend. Bob is already irate that Shark has eaten him, but when Shark doesn’t admit to eating him, Bob is so mad he declares that the ocean isn’t big enough for both of them! Friends Don’t Eat Friends is exploding with over-the-top humor and awesome marine facts! For example, when Shark overdoses on Finilla Ice Cream after fighting with Bob, we learn that shark teeth are coated with fluoride. Lucky for Shark, he can’t get cavities! Join Shark and the gang for another story and find out if Shark learns his lesson about friendship, or if he really is just misunderstood — again!

Where Is My Balloon?

Simon & Schuster/Paula Wiseman Books |

A Bank Street Best Book of the Year

“Fans of Elephant and Piggie will be right at home with the humor and the repartee.” —Kirkus Reviews
Vibrant art and a comical text make this a great pick for storytime.” —Booklist

Owl and Monkey from I Have a Balloon are back! But what happened to Owl’s balloon? Find out in this hilarious picture book about making mistakes and finding forgiveness.

Owl has a balloon. Monkey has a sock with a star and a perfectly shaped hole. But then Owl asks Monkey to hold his balloon, just for a second. What do you think happens? POP! When Owl returns and asks for his balloon, Monkey offers him everything under the sun…except for the balloon. Can their friendship survive this catastrophe?

Kirkus Reviews praised Owl and Monkey’s first adventure, I Have a Balloon, “This tightly paced narrative soars,” in a starred review.

Misunderstood Shark

Orchard Books |
From bestselling author Ame Dyckman and illustrator Scott Magoon comes the laugh-out-loud story about a Misunderstood Shark who just wants to show the world who he really is… 

Every beachgoer knows that there’s nothing more terrifying than a… SHARRRK! But this shark is just misunderstood, or is he? In a wholly original, sidesplittingly funny story, New York Times bestselling author Ame Dyckman and illustrator Scott Magoon take this perennial theme and turn it on its (hammer)head with a brand-new cheeky character. The filming of an underwater TV show goes awry when the crew gets interrupted by a… SHARRRK! Poor Shark, he wasn’t trying to scare them, he’s just misunderstood! Then he’s accused of trying to eat a fish. Will Shark ever catch a break? After all, he wasn’t going to eat the fish, he was just showing it his new tooth! Or was he? Explosively funny, extraordinarily clever, and even full of fun shark facts, this surprisingly endearing story gets to the heart of what it feels like to be misunderstood by the people around you. With a surprise twist ending, our Misunderstood Shark will have kids rolling with laughter!

Rescue and Jessica: A Life-Changing Friendship

Candlewick |

A 2019 Schneider Family Book Award Winner

Based on a real-life partnership, the heartening story of the love and teamwork between a girl and her service dog will illuminate and inspire.

Rescue thought he’d grow up to be a Seeing Eye dog — it’s the family business, after all. When he gets the news that he’s better suited to being a service dog, he’s worried that he’s not up to the task. Then he meets Jessica, a girl whose life is turning out differently than the way she’d imagined it, too. Now Jessica needs Rescue by her side to help her accomplish everyday tasks. And it turns out that Rescue can help Jessica see after all: a way forward, together, one step at a time. An endnote from the authors tells more about the training and extraordinary abilities of service dogs, particularly their real-life best friend and black lab, Rescue.

I Have a Balloon

Simon & Schuster/Paula Wiseman Books |
“This tightly paced narrative soars.” —Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

“An owl and a monkey confront jealousy, the fickleness of want, and the influence of other perspectives in this high-energy story.” —Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“A definite purchase that will be checked out again and again.” —School Library Journal

Owl has a balloon. Monkey does not. What will happen next? Hint: this is not a book about sharing.

Owl has a red balloon. Monkey does not. “That red balloon matches my shiny red tie,” says Monkey. “I’d look fancy walking to school with a shiny red balloon. The only thing I’ve ever wanted, since right now, is a shiny, big red balloon. It would make me SO HAPPY!” But Owl does not want to give it to him. So Monkey tries to find something that Owl wants: a teddy bear, a robot, a picture of TEN balloons. Owl does not want any of these things. But then, Monkey offers him…a sock!

Hmmmmm…Owl is intrigued. Will he trade his shiny red balloon with Monkey?

The Nuts: Keep Rolling!

Little, Brown Books for Young Readers |
In the third book of the popular Nut Family series, keep rock and rollin’ with singer-songwriter Eric Litwin — author of the first three mega-bestselling Pete the Cat books — as he invites readers to chime in and join the nutty, pun-filled fun, with a downloadable song available!

Hazel Nut and Wally Nut’s playtime roll down a muddy hill turns into a hilarious chase when they get covered in so much muck that they get bigger… and bigger… until they’re big as ELEPHANTS! Can anyone help get the Nuts back down to size? Eric Litwin offers an upbeat and inspiring message: What do you do when you roll into trouble? Keep rolling!
In the third book of the Nuts series, Eric Litwin’s playful call-and-response rhymes and Scott Magoon’s hilarious illustrations invite readers young and old to join in on the fun. Readers can go to to learn the downloadable Keep Rolling song and dance along with Eric!

Don’t miss the other hilarious read-along, sing-along books about the Nut Family!
Bedtime at the Nut House
Sing and Dance in Your Polka-Dot Pants

I Will Not Eat You

Simon & Schuster/Paula Wiseman Books |

“Magoon’s exuberant art recalls classic characters, most particularly Max in his wolf suit…Fanciful pretend play for the dragon-slaying preschooler.” —Kirkus Reviews

“The dark color palette and mischievous nature of the text are reminiscent of Jon Klassen’s I Want My Hat Back (2011)—albeit with a different final outcome.” —Booklist

From the award-winning author of Warning: Do Not Open This Book! and beloved illustrator Scott Magoon comes a suspenseful and darkly funny new picture book about a creature who resists the urge to eat the animals that wander into his cave…at least for now!

Theodore thinks everything is a potential meal. Lucky for the bird, wolf, and tiger, who pass by his cave, Theodore isn’t hungry…yet. But then something new approaches. A boy. Has Theodore found a new favorite food? Or something more?

The Nuts: Sing and Dance in Your Polka-Dot Pants

Little, Brown Books for Young Readers |
In the second book in the popular Nut Family series, boogie down with singer-songwriter Eric Litwin — author of the first three mega-bestselling Pete the Cat books — as he invites readers to chime in and join the nutty, pun-filled fun, with a downloadable song available!

Hazel Nut wants her family to sing and dance along with her, but they are just too busy! Who can she call? Why… her super-hip, disco-dancing Grandma Nut! In the second book of the Nuts series, Eric Litwin’s playful call-and-response rhymes and Scott Magoon’s hilarious illustrations invite readers young and old to join in on the fun. Readers can listen to and/or download Litwin’s disco-inspired performance of the book and additional songs at

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Bedtime at the Nut House
The Nuts Keep Rolling!

The Knights Before Christmas

Henry Holt and Co. (BYR) |

A humorous retelling of the classic poem Twas the Night Before Christmas–with a medieval twist!

‘Twas December 24th, and three brave knights were just settling in for the night when out on the drawbridge, there arose such a clatter! The knights try everything to get rid of this unknown invader (Santa Claus!), a red and white knight with a fleet of dragons . . .

But nothing would stop
their white-whiskered foe.
No matter their efforts,
he just would not go!

This parody of Clement Clarke Moore’s well-known poem ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas is kid-friendly, clever, and just plain silly—sure to become a holiday classic of a different kind.

A Christy Ottaviano Book


Simon & Schuster/Paula Wiseman Books |
“Richly composed and sweetly appealing—just right for baby storytimes as well as one-to-one sharing.” —Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

“Perfectly suitable as a read-aloud.” —School Library Journal

Take a deep breath and dive into a day in the life of a baby whale, told with luminous illustrations and spare text, with a fresh twist on a timeless message.

Swim! Play all day. Breathe.

This simply told story follows a young whale on a journey of discovery as he experiences his first day at sea on his own! He swims, explores, and makes friends in his marine habitat. After a day of independence, this little whale delights in returning home to his mother. Young readers will be drawn to Scott Magoon’s reassuring story of adventure.

The Boy Who Cried Bigfoot!

Simon & Schuster/Paula Wiseman Books |

A classic tale with a timeless message gets a hugely hilarious twist.

He’s big. He’s funny. He’s not real. Or IS he?

This clever twist on “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” is told from the point of view of an unexpected narrator and, through snappy text and lighthearted illustrations, demonstrates the value of telling the truth, the importance of establishing trust, and (of course!) the possibility that a beast you created to get attention can become a real-life friend.

Big Mean Mike

Candlewick |

A laugh-out-loud funny story about not worrying what others think — even if you’re big and tough, and your friends are fuzzy and cute.

Big Mean Mike is the biggest, toughest dog in the whole neighborhood. He has a big, mean car that he likes to drive around the big, mean streets. Everyone knows that Mike is big and mean, and that’s just the way he likes it. But one day a tiny, fuzzy bunny shows up in his car. Mike can’t believe it! Before anyone can see, he puts the bunny down on the sidewalk and drives away. When the tiny, fuzzy bunny shows up again — and this time brings a friend — Mike tells them both to get lost. Big mean dogs do not hang out with tiny, fuzzy bunnies! But gosh, those bunnies sure are cute. . . . From best-selling author Michelle Knudsen and illustrator Scott Magoon comes a comical lesson about how keeping up your image is not nearly as fun as being your own quirky self.

Chopsticks (The Spoon Series #2)

Little, Brown Books for Young Readers |

The second entry in a trio of favorite “punny” tales about chopsticks from beloved bestselling and award-winning author Amy Krouse Rosenthal.

Meet Chopsticks!

They’ve been best friends forever. But one day, this inseparable pair comes to a fork in the road. And for the very first time, they have to figure out how to function apart.

From New York Times best-selling author Amy Krouse Rosenthal and rising artistic talent Scott Magoon, this witty and inventive tale celebrates both independence and the unbreakable bonds of friendship.

Mostly Monsterly

Simon & Schuster/Paula Wiseman Books |

Bernadette might seem like an ordinary monster, but sometimes she likes to do some very unmonsterlike things, like pick flowers. And pet kittens. And bake.

When the time comes for Bernadette to go to Monster Academy, she’s just a teensy bit nervous. Her classmates just don’t understand her. They’d rather uproot trees than sing friendship songs. And they prefer fried snail goo to Bernadette’s homemade cupcakes with sprinkles. Can Bernadette find a way to make friends at school and still be herself?

Granny Gomez & Jigsaw

Disney-Hyperion |

Granny Gomez’s baby pig, Jigsaw, is the perfect roommate. He eats watermelon and watches cooking shows with her-he even does puzzles. But Jigsaw grows up-and out-quickly. Soon he’s too big to get up Granny’s back steps. It seems the only thing to do is build Jigsaw a barn. But once Jigsaw moves in, the two miss each other like crazy! Surely Granny and Jigsaw can find a solution, if they just put the pieces together. . . .

Playful language, subtle repetition, and Scott Magoon’s signature watercolor art make this funny story of friendship a book that kids will want read aloud again and again.

Otto Grows Down

Sterling |

What would it be like if time went backwards? One unlucky little boy is about to find out Otto has just one birthday wish: that his new baby sister Anna had never been born. And it comes true when the days suddenly start moving in reverse. But now, instead of growing up, Otto’s growing DOWN. He’s getting younger every minute and in danger of disappearing entirely. Can he turn things around before it’s too late for Anna and himself? Brilliant illustrations by the fabulous Scott Magoon capture all the fun of this whimsical tale.

Luck Of The Loch Ness Monster: A Tale of Picky Eating

Clarion Books |

Once upon a time, on a long, slow trip to Scotland, a little girl named Katerina-Elizabeth tossed her oatmeal overboard—again, and again, and again. She was a picky eater, and oatmeal was her least favorite food.
And once upon a time, a small worm, no bigger than a piece of thread, swam alongside an ocean liner bound for Scotland and ate bowl after bowl of tossed oatmeal. He had never tasted anything as wonderful as oatmeal in his whole life. A. W. Flaherty and Scott Magoon unravel the Loch Ness legend in this whimsical picture book for the picky (and not-so-picky) eater in all of us.

Hugo And Miles In I’ve Painted Everything

Clarion Books |

What happens when a very creative artist runs out of things to paint? Just runs out—as in, he’s painted everything!

Hugo, the artist in question, is in an elephunk, so he and his friend Miles leave Cornville for a whirlwind trip to Paris. They visit museums, parks, and landmarks. So what does happen when a very creative artist runs out of things to paint? Well, he begins to see things in a very different way . . .

Ugly Fish

Clarion Books |

Ugly Fish is ugly and big and mean, and he won’t share his driftwood tunnel or his special briny flakes with anyone. And that means the wimpy little fish who keep showing up in his tank have got to go. But then one day someone bigger and uglier and maybe even meaner arrives . . . and suddenly Ugly Fish isn’t feeling quite so confident anymore.

From Kara LaReau, author of the Rocko and Spanky series, here is an irreverent and terrifically funny book about a bully who at last gets his comeuppance.

We Have Liftoff: The Art of Launching a Picture Book

Using slides of sketches, final art, and inspiration, Scott shows his process of making a picture book. Features the making of Rocket Ship, Solo Trip by Chiara Beth Colombi, illustrated by Scott. Includes digital draw-along and Q&A.

More Than Words Picture Book Workshop

This presentation includes slides and the use of Procreate as a drawing and presentation tool. Students will have a chance to learn how to draw the cartoon turtle featured throughout this talk.

Scott takes students through the ways words and pictures can work together using a simple story, and examples from one of Scott’s books. Examples include using motion lines, place, suggesting the passage of time and how words can tell a different story than the pictures do. Includes digital draw-along and Q&A. Limited to groups of 25 students.

Graphic Novel Workshop

This presentation includes slides, and the use of Procreate as a drawing and presentation tool. Students will have a chance to create their own 6 panels of comics using the conventions, tips and techniques Scott discusses.

Highlights “the making of” process. Tips and tricks to making your own graphic novel, including digital draw-along and Q&A. Limited to groups of 25 students.

Being Unflappable: The Art to Making a Picturebook

Using slides of sketches, final art, and inspiration, Scott shows his process of making a picture book. Features the making of Unflappable by Matthew Ward, illustrated by Scott. Includes digital draw-along and Q&A.

Digital Drawing with iPad and Procreate

Features live drawing demonstrations using Procreate and its many brushes and effects. We’ll use Scott’s book work to study real-world applications of Procreate as a next-generation drawing tool.

Samples of Scott’s varied digital art drawing styles and how he got there. Includes digital draw-along and Q&A.

All Along the Line: The Making of a Picture Book

Using slides of sketches, final art, and inspiration, Scott shows his process of making a picture book.

Features the making of Linus The Little Yellow Pencil. Includes digital draw-along and Q&A.

You Rescued Me: The Healing Power of Picture Books

Using video, images and a conversational style presentation, Scott talks about his personal journey. From his experience in the Boston Marathon bombing, to the making and reception of Rescue and Jessica: A Life-Changing Friendship. Includes digital draw-along and Q&A.

Making a Connection

Scott discusses his decision-making path to illustrating books for authors. What does he look for in another author’s manuscript? In short, he looks to emotionally connect via characters, hooks, twists, music, humor and more. Includes digital draw-along and Q&A.

Using images, this presentation helps to frame what illustrators and readers are compelled by in manuscripts.

Let’s Go Extincts: Creatures, Climate and the Creative Process

In this dynamic presentation, Scott reads an animated chapter from EXTINCTS QUEST FOR THE UNICORN HORN then talks about each creature featured on the team—Woolly Mammoth, Passenger Pigeon, Poison Dart Frog and the Sabertooth Tiger. Each creature features video and fun facts, including their diet, habitat, size and why they went extinct. Then Scott talks about climate change and some ways students can to combat it. Then he’ll talk about making comic books, followed by a Woolly Mammoth draw along. A great way for students and teachers alike to connect to the environment and art.

Bringing the Magic of Reading to Life: Get a Mural for Your School Or Library

Are you looking for a way to transform the walls of your school or library into a captivating and inspiring space? Let’s talk.

Why Mural? The world needs more art! Why? A good mural enhances the aesthetic appeal of your space to create a vibrant and inspiring atmosphere for students, parents and staff. Perhaps more importantly, the presence of art in educational spaces can foster creativity and critical thinking among students to contribute to a more rounded learning experience. (Not to mention that original art painted by a creator of your students’ favorite picture books is an added bonus!)

Storytime with Scott Magoon

The Extincts — Let’s Save the World….Together!

Visitors can learn about climate change, species extinction and ways young people can help. Plus: activities, videos, further reading and much more—all in one place.

Scott’s Murals Link

Extra, Extra, Read All About It—In the Magoon Tribune!

Honors, Awards & Recognition

NYT Bestseller
ALA Schneider Family Book Award 2019
Bilby Award Australia 2007
Irma & James Black Award 2013
Bank Street Library Best Book of the Year Outstanding Merit 2014
Children’s Choice Book Awards finalist 2013
Christopher Award 2018
Crystal Kite Award 2011
Eric Carle Museum Picture Book of Distinction 2012
GoodReads Choice Awards finalist for best picture book 2012
Huffington Post Best Picture Books 2014
Indiana Young Hoosier Book Award Nomination 2020-21
Junior Library Guild Selections
Kirkus Best Books Best Read Aloud 2014
Chicago Public Library Best Book 2014
Maryland’s Black Eyed Susan Nomination  2020-21
Massachusetts Must-Read Honors 2019, 2021
Minnesota Star of the North Nomination 2021
Mississippi Magnolia Award winner
NEIBA Book of the Year 2019
National Museum of Wildlife Art Bull Bransom Award Nomination 2014
New York City Public Library top 100 Books for Reading & Sharing
North Carolina Children’s Book Award Nomination 2020
Oklahoma Book Award 2011
Pennsylvania Keystone to Reading Elementary Book Award
Pennsylvania Center for the Book’s Baker’s Dozen
Vermont Red Clove Book Award Nomination 2019-2020
Washington State Children’s Choice Picture Book Award Nomination 2022
Wisconsin’s Golden Archer Award 2013
Scholastic Parent & Child Best Book 2010
Swiss Golden Cowbell Switzerland 2019-2020
Society of Illustrators Original Art Show
Texas Bluebonnet Award Nomination 2008

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