Can three unsuspecting gamers overcome the deadly monsters and magical mayhem of a fantasy game come to life, or will this be their final “Game Over?”

Jumanji meets Dungeons & Dragons in this thrilling, bingeable series!

Dave, Johnny, and Walt are best friends and die-hard gamers on the hunt for new, more exciting experiences. But when Dave mistakenly signs up the group for what he thinks is a live-action roleplaying game in an imposing mansion, things get a little too…real.

And when they suddenly find themselves trapped with vicious, deadly monsters in a fantasy dungeon come to life, they uncover the plot of a maniacal mastermind intent on blurring the lines between fantasy and reality to take over the real world.

Can they muster the courage to use their newfound tools and skills and become the kind of heroes they’ve only ever pretended to be, or will they succumb to the monsters and mayhem of this deadly dungeon?

Find out in A Fool’s Venture, author J. Edward Stamper’s thrilling series starter which blends the best elements of your favorite fantasy genres into a blazing-fast, captivating, binge-worthy thrill ride!